Your marriage

Your wedding day recorded in a photo report. An experience for bride and groom, surrounded by family and friends. And yet every wedding is different.

Together with the photographer you discuss the script of your wedding in advance. We usually think of the reportage in the town hall, the church ... followed by an exclusive bridal shoot. Together we look for a suitable location in the neighborhood according to the wishes of the bridal couple. The evening party is also portrayed in a moody manner from the reception of the guests to the deployment of the dance by the bridal couple. According to agreement can also be the preparation of the bride (and the groom), the arrival of the groom, and sometimes extended on request with a small report of the henna party or a specific ritual that belongs to the wedding in the family. Bobjective Photography adjusts to your wishes to deliver a lifelike report.

Of course you recognize all the important moments of your wedding day. But Bobjectief Photography also provides images of the beautiful details. The family and guests are also covered in the report. And why don't we take a series of nice family photos in between? The whole will only grow in value over the years. Children grow up while the soft memory of (grand) parents continues to live in the images.

You receive the whole series of images, perfectly finished in the best quality, nicely collected as digital files on a memory stick. Delivered in a reasonable period of two weeks after your wedding, waiting for months does not belong to us. You can use it to compile an album yourself. But Bobjectief Photography can also help you with this if desired. Be sure to view the examples of professional albums of which we design the page arrangement for you with the photos you selected from the entire series. Every album is so unique.

In any case, we will make a summary of your wedding day for you in a slideshow presented on a DVD that you can watch on your wide screen television. Handy to view with visitors or family. You can also find these slide shows on the memory stick in versions that fit on a smartphone or tablet.

A photo reportage of your wedding is a permanent investment that you will look back on with pleasure.

Different formulas are possible, contact us without obligation for more information. With Bobjectief Photography you have an enthusiastic partner who, as a privileged witness, will capture your wedding in images with great respect and authenticity.